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 New Fuel

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PostSubject: New Fuel   Sat Mar 30, 2013 6:40 pm

The powers that be over in Europe are once again making changes that will affect bikers over here in the UK. Under an EU directive a much more diluted petrol will be released in the country along side normal petrol. The E10 strand is 10% ethanol compared to the 5% it stands at the moment.
This is where the problems arise for bikers. Motorcycle manufacturers have warned that this diluted petrol is not compatible with many older machines and even motorbikes a mere two years old. Components that could be damaged are petrol pipes, carburettor innards and petrol tank sealants, as well as affecting the running of the bike.
As long as 'normal' petrol is still available at the pumps for now bikers will be safe. But if things change and this E10 strand becomes the only petrol available, many motorcycles could be left destroyed or un-usable because of it.

Edit: Hydrous ethanol corrosion
High alcohol fuel blends are reputed to cause corrosion of aluminum fuel system components. However, studies indicate that the addition of water to the high alcohol fuel blends helps prevent corrosion. This is shown in SAE paper 2005-01-3708 Appendix 1.2 where gasoline/alcohol blends of E50, nP50,IP50 nB50, IB50 were tested on steel, copper, nickel, zinc, tin and three types of aluminum. The tests showed that when the water content was increased from 2000ppm to 1%, corrosion was no longer evident except some materials showed discolouration. ... _corrosion

America has had 10% since 2011 and Brazil has 50% mix.

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PostSubject: Re: New Fuel   Fri Apr 05, 2013 5:17 am

There is further concern for two stroke engines where there is evidence of bore washing by the ethanol content making mineral oils ineffective and on some sites the recommendation is for pure synthetic only to be used. My concern is for my outboard engines , the old one a 1959 seagull with a brass tank, zink carb and dark yellowy fuel pipe made of heaven knows what is going to suffer . More important my 50 hp Johnson is very vulnerable and at sea that is bad news . More problems dished out to us by those undemocratic tripehounds in Brussels Evil or Very Mad
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New Fuel
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