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 Front fairing off

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Front fairing off Empty
PostSubject: Front fairing off   Front fairing off EmptyFri May 08, 2009 9:10 am

When I bought the new scooter I was aware that it had some slight cosmetic damage, a few scrapes where the bike had been leant against a wall or something. Anyway when I got the bike home closer inspection showed a gap between the LHS of the fairing and the dashboard. I quickly sussed out that this was a broken fixing tab.

Today I removed the front fairing. Process as follows. Remove the radiator cover then the cover above the headlamp. A youtube video showed a chap using a credit card to assist with this. Using the card to aid the cover sliding over the indicator lens I removed that then the windscreen and instrument cowl. Next remove all screws and bolts from the front fairing and disconnect the light loom. Hey presto with a little jiggling the front fairing comes away. Total time around 50 minutes.

I repaired the broken tab with Poly Weld and built up a couple of broken lugs then splinted all with more plastic.

The whole job took less that 4 hours.

Thanks to Barney for your help and support.
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Front fairing off
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