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PostSubject: Eurotwats   Eurotwats EmptyThu Mar 17, 2011 2:34 am

The Eurocrats that is

Compulsory Advanced Braking Systems (ABS)

ABS does not work well on loose surfaces.The costs of fitting, maintenance and repair have not been properly assessed.

‘Anti-Tampering’ measures(restricting riders’ choice of air filters,engine management systems, internal parts, exhausts, sprockets, tyres, etc.) The riders’ ability to make modifications to suit their own situation is to be regulated.NB: enforcement through a new Europe-wide super-MoT is being proposed separately.

Compulsory Automatic Headlights-On (AHO)

Headlights can camouflage and confuse as well as draw attention.All new cars are to be fitted with permanent lighting which will cause more confusion.

Road-side Spot-checks targeting riders

Riders are to be detained for random checks of emissions and modifications.It is unacceptable to deny freedom of movement in this way.

Critical vote in early May so get in touch with your Euro MP and make your feelings known.

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